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Get Ready for Golf!

Dear TIGC Member:

Get ready to play golf! The pro shop plans to open the Championship Golf Course on Friday, May 26th.

First, a few notes about what is new or different from last year.

  • At their May 8th meeting the IVGID Trustees made some noteworthy changes to Incline Village golf. Thank you very much to the TIGC members who sent e-mails to Trustees or made public comments at one of the recent Trustees meetings.

    • They increased daily rates for resident golfers by approximately 5%.

    • They eliminated most all-you-can-play passes at the Championship Golf Course. Instead, there are 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-play passes and a Limited AYCP pass.

    • The time between reservations at the Championship Golf Course are reduced from 12 to 10 minutes, resulting in an extra foursome each hour.

    • There is no advance reservation fee for Incline residents who make tee time reservations through the website even if more than 2 weeks in advance. Make sure that your residency and credit card are registered on that website so that can make advance tee time reservations without being charged the $15 per time slot fee that non-residents incur.

    • Late cancellation/no-show periods were extended: Cancellations less than 120 hours in advance will incur a 50% charge and less than 72 hours in advance will incur a 100% charge.

I am glad that the Trustees decided not to restrict weekend tee times for TIGC.

  • The golf courses will ENFORCE the late cancellation and no-show policy! Cancel reservations more than 120 hours in advance to avoid the penalties.

  • There is a new fleet of electric golf carts at the Championship Golf Course and you need to check-in at the pro shop or be charged a no-show fee. You will receive a key to the golf cart upon check-in. The golf carts will no longer be parked with keys in the ignition.

  • We now have a website: Our website will contain information about our club, news (in place of the periodic newsletter) and the registration portal for our dinners (Opening and Closing Dinners and Summer BBQ) plus dietary restriction requests. Golf Genius was inadequate for that purpose. There will also be a link to Golf Genius for registration for golf events and open tee times.

  • The Board of Directors realizes that the greens fees are going up and the membership survey last fall showed that some members were concerned about the pricing of our events. The Board has done a couple of things to reduce the cost of participating in TIGC events while still preserving important aspects of comradery: (1) there are a few events where a group meal was dropped and the event fee reduced and (2) the standard charge for our mid-week tournament with lunch and prize pool is dropping from $45 to $40 this season. Remember, there is no charge for you and your guest to attend the Opening and Closing Dinners and the Summer BBQ.

  • Your Board of Directors:

Michael Briggs, President

Kyle Brown, Vice President

Scott Maltz, Treasurer

Gordon Morse, Secretary & Membership Chair

Scott Lamson, Handicap Chair

Craig Maples, Food & Beverage Chair Wayne Hooper, Tournaments

Wayne Huff, Tournaments

Bob Riccitelli, Tournaments

Wayne Hooper, Tournaments

Thanks for being a member of TIGC!

All the best,

Michael Briggs


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