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TIGC Roster, Calendars and Pace of Play

Dear TIGC Member,

It's June. Summer golf is just around the corner!

Attached is our current roster. We have 112 members - 14 are new. Welcome to TIGC, gentlemen. Reminder: The roster is for golfing purposes and not authorized for sales and marketing.

We designated the 12 TIGC Open Tee Times on Friday, June 9th, as New Member Welcome Day. We still have openings on that day, so we are releasing them to all TIGC members to join us.

I am attaching copies of the TIGC Events Calendar and the TIGC Open Tee Times Calendar. No changes, just a helpful references.

Reminder: Pace of play is important during our tournaments. Keep up with the group in front of you, even when there are golf-cart-path-only restrictions. We are all playing on the sam golf course. Listen to the Rangers and follow their directions. The TIGC Handbook contains our pace of play policy and the foursome can incur penalties for slow play. Encourage and assist your fellow golfers.

All the best,

Michael Briggs

President, TIGC

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