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TIGC Handbook - Key Reminders for 2023

Dear TIGC Member,

Attached is a copy of the TIGC Handbook for 2023 with information about TIGC policies and club information.

Here are a few key reminders:

  • Reservations for TIGC tournaments and open tee times are made in Golf Genius - either log in directly or go through TIGC.GOLF.

    • When you register for a TIGC tournament, you are agreeing to pay the specified entry fee. Instead of paying for most tournaments at the time of registration, we keep a spreadsheet showing your entry fees and your winnings.

    • Tournament results will be posted on TIGC.GOLF.

    • In July and again in September, you will be invoiced for (or receive a check) for any net losses (winnings).

    • Most TIGC tournaments include lunch or dinner. If you have a particular food issue, please contact Craig Maples at FOOD@TIGC.GOLF.

  • Cancellation and no-show penalties vary according to whether you made the reservation through TIGC or the pro shop ( website).

    • For TIGC golf tournaments except Member-Guest (same as 2022), cancel 3 days before the event. Notify the specified tournament director if less than 3 days ahead.

    • For TIGC open tee times, cancel 24 hours before reserved tee time.

    • For IVGID Championship Course, cancel 120 hours before reserved tee time.

  • Post all of your reportable scores unless advised otherwise on some TIGC tournaments.

  • Register your preferences on your Golf Genius profile.

    • Your tee selection.

    • If you will walk with your golf clubs during a TIGC tournament, note in your profile that you will be walking. We will try to arrange your first hole near the club house.

  • Pace of Play is important. Play ready golf and keep your foursome moving to avoid penalties for slow play in TIGC tournaments. Always be respectful to our golf rangers.

  • Check in with the pro shop before playing any round of golf at the Championship Golf Course to avoid a no-show penalty and receive a key to your golf cart.

Now, go out there and have fun!

All the best,

Michael Briggs

President, TIGC

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