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Final TIGC Open Tee Times and Events Calendars for 2023

Dear TIGC Member:

You should have received an activation e-mail from Golf Genius – the TIGC reservation system for golf tournaments and open tee times in 2023.

Attached to this e-mail message are the Calendar of Events and the Calendar of Open Tee Times for 2023. Both are revision 1 of the calendars that were sent to TIGC members earlier this year. On the Calendar of Events, the only substantive change is the new date of the Closing Dinner: Tuesday, August 29, 2023 and no luncheon after the mid-week tournament earlier that day. On the Calendar of Open Tee Times, many of our play dates, tee times and some number of tee time slots were modified to accommodate bookings of outside group golf tournaments on the Championship Golf Course.

The Board of Directors in conjunction with the pro shop modified the TIGC Policy for Open Tee Time Registrations for 2023. See attached copy.

  1. We retained our 4-on-the-Board limit of Open Tee Times. If you have more, penalties will be imposed. It’s your responsibility to keep track of your TIGC Open Tee Time reservations. Accidents happen, but the penalties still will be applied. Any tee time reservations that you make on the IVGID website are separate and not counted. Keeping the limit of 4 enables other members to make TIGC Open Tee Time reservations.

  2. We have retained the ability of members to reserve any additional available open tee times in their selected time slots and insert names of other TIGC members. Everyone in the group receives an e-mail message when the reservation is made and if the new reservation puts a member over the 4-on-the-Board limit any excessive Open Tee Time reservation must be removed within 24 hours or penalties will be enforced.

  3. Open Tee Time reservations will be opened on the first of the month at 7:00 p.m., except in the month of May. When reservations are open, they will be available through the end of the following month effectively giving members a two-month calendar. The 4-on-the-Board rule applies to the entire calendar, it’s not 4-on-the-Board per month.

  4. Members can make TIGC Open Tee Time reservations and cancellations on Golf Genius up to 24 hours before the reserved tee time (that is shorter than last year’s 3-day blackout period).

  5. You are locked in and subject to the IVGID late cancellation/no-show penalty 24 hours before your TIGC Open Tee Time reservation. However, if you cannot play and find a substitute TIGC member, you can avoid the penalty by sending an e-mail to senior head golf pro Nick Holligan at with notice of the name of the substitute TIGC member with a copy to the substitute so that the pro shop will have his name and e-mail because he will be subject to the no-show penalty. This different cancellation/no-show period and process does not apply to reservations you make on the IVGID website so that TIGC can fill the Open Tee Times instead of leaving that job to the pro shop.

I hope you have visited our new website: and that you will find it useful and maybe your primary access to everything to do with TIGC.

Thanks for being a member of TIGC!

All the best,

Michael Briggs


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