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Remembering Mike Keefe

Mike Keefe made a big-time impact on TIGC and members who knew him. Sadly, he died on February 9th after a year-and-a-half fight with stomach cancer. Mike was a long-time member of TIGC and served on the Board of Directors for three years serving as handicap chairman, director of mid-week tournaments and secretary. Mike volunteered to serve as the TIGC rep on the interview committee when current IVGID Director of Golf Darren Howard was being hired. Judd Holiday recalled that when he was director of mid-week tournaments Mike was very helpful in getting him up to speed, including giving Judd a copy of the spreadsheet he developed for tracking members' money and prizesfor each event.

In those pre-COVID days, TIGC volunteers sat at a table and collected entry fees at the TIGC table before each tournament and Mike Keefe was always volunteering to help by taking a turn at the event registration table. Former TIGC President Greg Fish also remembered how helpful Mike was when he served on the TIGC Board.

Mike’s reputation for being a caring contributor and mentor goes all the way back to his career in prominent medical device companies such as Baxter. In his career at Posey in Arcadia, California. Mike was a Ranger at the Championship Golf Course and he served on his HOA Board. Alvin Steinberg sold Mike and Brigid their condo when they moved to Incline Village and it wasn’t too many years later when Alvin recommended that Mike think about becoming a realtor given his outgoing personality, business acumen and personal warmth. Mike earned his license and worked as a realtor for Coldwell, Banker in the offices adjacent to Starbucks where Greg Fish and others frequently encountered him and had countless discussions about real estate and countless other topics.

Mike had two children, two stepchildren and 9 grandchildren and he loved them all. He and Brigid raised two granddaughters both of whom studied diligently and one graduated from college. Unfortunately, Mike was too ill to attend the recent college graduation of his granddaughter. To acknowledge his love and encouragement, she brought her cap and gown with her to Incline Village so that her “Grandpa” could see her dressed for graduation. In his final months, Mike received touching letters and videos from all of his grandchildren. He had a special and loving relationship with each one.

Until his final illness, Mike Keefe was the picture of good health and vitality. He took up the new sport of pickleball, and learned to play with both hands – an impressive feat. Mike’s love of golf was extensive. One of his favorite memories was traveling to Scotland and playing golf there. He attended the Masters golf tournament at Augusta and brought back a golf ball that he gave to Greg Fish, which Greg still keeps in his desk drawer.

We appreciate the contributions that Mike Keefe made to TIGC ... and the kind of man he was ... and we are thankful for the positive difference that he made in our community.


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