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New Member Paul Frankel

After decades away from the game, new TIGC member Paul Frankel looks forward to playing more golf now that they have moved to Incline Village. Paul was a good golfer when he decided to devote his spare time to coaching and supporting his son’s baseball career. Ironically, when his son was injured in college, he took up golf and is now an instructor and fitter for Callaway Golf in Carlsbad, California. That re-ignited Paul’s interest in golf.

After graduating with an engineering degree from North Carolina State and working for the defense contractor Westinghouse for a couple of years, Paul earned his MBA at the University of Virginia. He then embarked on a distinguished entrepreneurial career in successful small businesses from owning a restaurant for a decade to buying and growing a painting and floor coating business in San Diego County for the past 25 years.

Like Paul, his wife Laura just retired from a career in the hospitality industry and recently managing a kids’ gym studio. Paul and Laura have two children and one grandchild with another on the way.

Paul is recovering from knee replacement surgery two months ago and will soon be ready to start swinging his golf clubs. Welcome to TIGC, Paul!


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